Price list

Price list for weddings at Azymut Hotel & Restaurant

  • 10-hour weddings in a standard consumer program (without orchestra, vodka, cake) are valued at 250 PLN per person with five warm dishes.
  • For our Guests, there is a hotel that can accommodate 40 people (+10 extra beds) in 21 rooms. The price and number of rooms for free depends on the month and number of people.
  • In order for the Newlyweds to have an unforgettable impression of their party, our company offers a higher standard room for them (for free), where they can stay until the next day after the party. We also remember about parents who also receive 1 room (with bathroom, fridge, valuables box) at
  • their own disposal.
  • At the request of the orderer, it is possible to organize breakfast for hotel Guests or for all wedding Guests.
  • The cost of wedding after-party is 70 PLN per person.
  • We count 125 PLN per person for the band's consumption.
  • The menu for children under 7 is set individually and usually, it is a half of the dinner portion + dessert (we do not include other consumption and other costs).
  • We offer white chair covers for 5 PLN a piece.
  • We have a large free changing room.
  • For our smallest Guests, we offer a feeding chair.
  • The dishes, that will remain after the party, are packed for you in special packaging for FREE!
  • We provide the opportunity to order a cake from a confectionery for you, the price as per the confectioner's bill.
  • The whole wedding bill is settled up to 12.00 midnight on the day of the wedding.
  • The reservation payment is 5,000 PLN; it is possible to spread this amount to 2,500 PLN payable at reservation and 2,500 PLN payable half a year before the wedding reception.

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Price list

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